Bent boat trailer axle

bent boat trailer axle 419. Stock 7125220. com The trailer 39 s front axle should be aligned perpendicular to the direction of travel. Grease Type Easy lube with grease zerk. 2019 Models. 30 6 studs PCD 139. We stand behind all 26 000 items we sell with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Bent it so bad that the tire hit the side of the trailer and popped it. No hard steel lines that will needed to be bent to the correct shape or formed to fit your trailer frame. Reactions BiggestT. 214. Steel frame Zinc Epoxy coated for rust prevention. Galvanized axles and wheels. Carry On Trailer Idler Axle 2 000 lb. Valcrum Now Available From Dexter. MSRP Now 359. We also have a variety of mounting brackets and supports for your trailer fenders. Below you will see a large selection of Boat Trailer Fenders. You 39 ll probably need a picture of the label on the axle which requires you crawl under the trailer. Most trailer manufacturers simply state that the axle has a capacity of 2000 2700 or 3500 lb. It only needs one axle. Trailer axles are designed to have an upwards bow. The guy was parting it out. 6690 This galvanized V bend boat trailer axle is manufactured by Dexter Axle and has a 3 500lb weight capacity and can be used on single or tandem axle boat trailers. Most pontoon trailers will have four and heavy duty trailers may have five springs. Former dealer in North Carolina now living in Virginia and familiar with the boat having introduced the boat for Hunter The Carry On Trailer 6858T Idler Axle has a 71 in. I would take it back tto the place you bought it and informed them of it. Tandem axle trailer. Load Rite trailers give you the best of both worlds. This often reflects a bent axle or spindle from the stress of heavy loads over loading or unintentionally bumping a curb or pot hole. Well I was able to pick up both axles with 5 tires and rims and the spare tire mount for Axles should be visually inspected to verify that the axle tube has not been bent downward due to overloading or striking a curb or pothole. The strength in this comes from the bow post which supports the front keel of the boat. I just aquired a Load Rite trailer that I swore was bent. Any dealer or trailer repair shop who tells you that don 39 t let them touch your trailer. This Strap can be used for additional transom tie down locations under the bunk when a quot Top Hat quot is being used for mounting the bunk. Spot welds on the frame supports keep the cross members secured in place. I know you moved on but I bet every fastener on that trailer was seized so break out the cutoff wheel. Our trailers culminate from listening to years of input from fisherman marine dealers and our employees. If you sustained the damage during an accident or by hitting road debris and it caused damage to the wheel it s possible that your wobble is from either a damaged wheel or a bent axle or both . This is very common with round trailer axles not so much with square or rectangle axles. i am selling a 1989 freedom wheels 20 foot tandem axle boat trailer. You may have some of both problems. All the parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer including Hub amp Wheel Bearing Hub amp Wheel Bearing Hub amp Wheel Bearing from TrailerPartsDepot. The alignment may or may not be adjustable on your trailer or you may need a new axle springs et. Galvanized Boat Trailer Axle 3500 V Bend with Brake Flange 95 HF Price 349. For most boats under 20 feet a single axle Website. Bent axle needs to be replaced. Our hub and bearing kits come complete with 1999 Aros tandem axle boat trailer. Standard Features. it has surge brakes. Take your boat and trailer to an alignment outfit and they can possibly help you out. Axles. Over time they straighten out when you hit bumps pot holes and run off the road. A serious bit of kit recommend you talk to them if you want a serious boat trailer. is THE company you call 321. These axle beams are engineered with a slight upward bend so that when the load is placed on the trailer the axle beam deflects to the load condition enabling the tires to ride flat on the road. We offer heavy duty and standard duty kits the heavy duty kits Fishing boat trailers may have only two springs. 2010 Magic Tilt tandem torsion aluminum trailer 25 27 ft 3500 St. when changing the tire i put a jack on the axle and bent it up i saw it bend and stoped. The keel is so deep it will hit the rear axle before the boat starts to hit the bunks. Torsion Axle. Hanna Trailer Supply is your ultimate shopping experience for all of your Shorelandr boat trailer replacement axles hubs and brake parts. I am looking at Tuff Trailer out of Ferndale for the build but wanted to know what others may have as far as input advice. This Trailer Bearing Repair Kit includes everything you need to replace the wheel bearings on one trailer hub. May 11 2019. 19 quot GALV SKU 4296. Use this trailer axle spindle assembly to replace damaged parts. CROSSBAR WELDMENT BENT 3x3x. Trailer Leaf Spring Suspension. My plan is to only keep the boat a couple more years and it sounds like it might be a cost benefit to just leave it and keep an eye on the tires. MSRP Now 264. Axle came a week early Texas to NY in about a week. 3. The axle on my boat trailer got destroyed while I was driving the boat home. 2020 19 Ft. This could save a life. 2k TK Trailer Axle 5000 5200 lb Idler 6 lug. 5k 3 500 lbs ea For Axle Tube Size 2 3 8 quot Round. We will assess your boat trailer for bent axles or wheels improper axle placement and uneven tire wear. net The original aluminum boat site I have a 24 39 car trailer. Trailers are ideal for hauling cars and odd shaped parts. 85 quot Hubface 70 Spring center with electric brakes. Boat Trailer Options. Fair prices and amazing service Single Axle 1250 Wide Bunk Trailer 0. 12 29 2013 05 37 PM. Great for replacing an old axle or bent damaged axle on your trailer Made of High Strength Steel Underslung axle design spring pads are welded to the underside of the axle for mounting leaf springs. Model Shown in Pictures is 4999. Boat trailers commonly use a compound tongue using the angle sections as part of the chassis frame. 2 827. The model is a PIONEER PCTR 3818BBP. Spindle Weight Rating 1 750 lbs. How to Fix a Boat Trailer axle Bass Fishing trip Trailer Fail. These axles are made of 2 inch x 2 inch x 1 4 inch thick square tubing. 6. 315 Pursuit. Solution was just to get some keel pads and I fashioned up some Stainless Steel Braided Fishing wire same used for wahoo fishing and crimped them on wrapping around the axle and added some Des and Darren made my new boat trailer rated to 4. Here at Sunrise we stock a wide range of trailer boat rollers in poly soft nylon and rubber. Priced to Sell. Customer must specify length alloy amp temper. The other day I noticed the tire on one side was really worn down on the outside tire on the other side is worn down on the inside. RC4WD BigDog 1 10 Triple Axle Scale Boat Trailer Excellent quality and finish packaging could be improved to better protect trailer coupler . Bent axle or damaged wheel Often the only sign of a bent axle is a wobble in one wheel. It ran me 65 but I could tell a difference on the tire ware afterwards. Just make sure it is. Kit includes Axle tubing appropriate for capacity pre cut to 84 quot Spindles with brake flanges Hub Drum kits with all required parts for attachment Spring hangers amp ALL required suspension amp attachment parts Good question. We Specializes In Online Sales Of Kodiak Disc Brake 10 quot Stainless each Trailer Tires Boat Trailer Parts Trailer Brakes Utility Trailer Parts Dual axles spread the load more effectively over the four tire contact patches. 159 reviews Code A35RD545E. A boat trailers wheel camber is fixed and cannot be adjusted like a motor vehicle a trailers axle will have a bow in the centre between 10mm to15mm and is in tolerance. We have trailer fenders in aluminum galvanized cold rolled Replaced the rear axle on my 7000lb GVW dump trailer. The main frame of the trailer is steel channel that has been bent to form a standard boat A frame style V hull trailer. The best tracking choice is WITH camber especially for long trips on the highway but it s not absolutely necessary. Ideal for longer jon boats Single Axle 1500 Wide Roller Trailer 0. Wear on one edge only indicates a bent axle or spindle or misaligned suspension. The trailer trails great no doglegging or pulling to the side the boat is centered and not loaded heavy to either side with gear should be balanced. Just got new trailer from bravo with 3500 axle torsion bar but the axle is bent up by an inch in the middle is this right 73867 Reply from Chris R. Dupont Excel Pro Urethane Paint Coating Black. weight capacity. 5 quot GALVANIZIED SKU 4008. If not you 39 re going to be replacing tires shortly. lighting w cover. Customer Service is the cornerstone of our family business and has been for over 50 years. TK Axles 3. 21 Feb. maximum weight capacity. That 39 s the only tire wearing and all I can think is the axle must be bent. I swoops up after the front axle to the hitch. 5 quot Fc 25 quot Out Bracket 2500 Capacity Painted. The spring is composed of one or more thin pieces of steel or leaves which are curved in an arch. Everyone was closed and we could not find a full replacement axle. Note 1 For multi axle trailers the capacity is NOT the sum of the axle ratings because they do not share the load perfectly. Tri Axle Float On 2011 only 500 miles. I bought a new front axle for my tandem axle leaf sprung boat trailer and I noticed that the new front axle is out of alignment on the passenger side. Thanks in advance Eric Howe The axle is the square tube axle and yes the trailer is rated for the boat I double checked it just in case. Good luck. Discounted Price 350. In operation axle load sharing will be Marine Master Trailers manufactures state of the art boat trailers and fulfills your boat trailer needs. Disc surge brakes new tires great condition. Our torsion axles are used the Frozen assemble method there is little space between axle beam and trailing arm in this way it decreases the sea water to erode the rubber and insides which can significant straightening a trailer axle. Prevents Impact Friction Damage to the Hull or Keel of Your Watercraft. Torsion Axles Torsion axle sizes we keep in stock 44 quot Frame Width 66 1 2 quot Hub Face Torsion Axle only 2200 Capacity 72 quot Frame Width 84 1 2 TRAILER AXLES SPINDLES amp AXLE HARDWARE. When the boat is locked into the bow post and secured to the trailer the boat effectively becomes part of the chassis tongue. Our Price 1 025. In my opinion the torsion axles are considerably better. Note Some trailer axles have camber some do not. Axle Assemblies amp Components 3 11. If anyone has a good resource on how to replace my more mechanically inclined friends and I will be replacing with photos and documentation of successes and failures. Re trailer axle bent pics included Hard to tell from pics. Diamond City skiff trailer bent rib skiff SA 20 22 long 83in wide. Tools. Qty These Loadguides have upright style rollers mounted on a bent tube frame. Trailer axles Custom built galvanized or bare steel. Drop Or Vee Bent Axles Silver Directional Wheels Radial Tires Raised Letter Tubular Frame Electric Brakes 1 2 Axles Surge Brakes 1 2 Axles Surge Disc Brakes 1 2 Axles Spare Tire Carrier Underframe Spare Tire Carrier Weld Or Bolt On Side Mount Fully Galvanized Frame amp Wheels Aluminum Wheels W Chrome Lug Nuts Clear Coated AXLE TYPES. 99 419. A Drop Axle just allows the trailer to sit lower usually 4 for a leaf spring style. A lift or drop happens because of the No Load Arm Start Angle . Able to handle your repairs ON SITE. Torsion Axle Trailing Arm 36090 This replacement trailing arm works with all Trailer Buddy UFP 3750lb. This trailer axle features the Spindle lube hub lubrication system which allows you to grease the hubs without removing Over the last 10 years I have had to replace 2 axles on two different trailers. After a couple of years I noticed that I had a pretty Rotate the axle 180 degrees opposite the mark on the impact site. com is the link but no joy. Hitch Install Bumper Pull. Other values that are important in defining a trailer axle are Track Length center of tire to center of tire Overall Length and Spring Center center of spring to center of spring . SKU 17540799 Product Rating is 4. The travel angle increases the wear rate of the tires attached to the axles or worse causes you to lose control of the travel while driving. 25. Aluminum deep V cross members. 75 x 32 x 16. As a family owned and operated business we are located in Clearwater Florida and have a strong business presence in the southeast United States. Bent fenders also do not have the give to prevent the boat from shifting on the trailer in case you back in to something. Ya i know dump ass thing to do. Even with heavy bass boats this should not happen. Supply capacity 10000. Metairie LA 70003. The round steel tube design of the Carry On Trailer idle axle offers long term strength and reliability. a. bsmotril Now you know 2 great tips for making a better mount for trailer axle springs. Designed for drift boats Step fender Single Axle 1500 Long Bunk Trailer 0. Nope I had a boat trailer wearing the insides axles was slightly our of line. MSRP Now 234. F. axles. Capacity. See more ideas about trailer axles trailer utility trailer. Overload Re Boat Trailer Vibration. Brake flange is designed for the 10 quot electric or hydraulic drum brake assemblies. Valcrum Aluminum Oil Bath Caps. Unless your boat is longer than 20 feet inordinately heavy or you regularly take it on long road trips you don t really need a dual At The Trailer Parts Outlet you can find trailer axles tires wheels and everything else your business needs. 00 View Details. If your boat is sitting on your trailer and your axle is bent then it 39 s time for a new axle. I had 2 jeeps on the trailer and had a flat tire. Jacksonville FL. 7 out of 5 stars 98 284. From Business Bent Marine is the premier boat dealer on the Gulf Coast. 2k Dexter Trailer Axle 5000 5200 lb Idler 6 lug. It was a 90 mile tow to the shop and they found our problem was a bent axle. 429. Quantity KEEL PAD 3 11. Agri Supply is proud to stock a wide selection of Trailer Axles amp Parts along with our huge variety of agriculture gardening cooking and outdoor products. It is the customer 39 s responsibility to drill spring holes to your trailers specifications. But another bent axle possibility improper jacking. 5k 5. Typical values of GAWR are 2200 lb 3500 lb 5200 lb etc. Hot dip galvanized trailer axles provide maximum corrosion resistance in saltwater applications and can last years. BUT if your under trailered I know a guy who has DOZENS of boat trailers sitting around. but everything else is in really good shape. 20. The boat is a 16 39 aluminum Tracker with a 60hp 2 stroke outboard. Made From Smooth Finished Aluminum. Deluxe BowStand and Ladder NOW STANDARD on 18ft amp Up OEM Grade Axle Integrated System. Your axle may be flipped to the wrong side of the leaf springs. Boat Trader offers you the best selection of Parts and Trailers for sale available in Florida. This custom galvanized boat trailer axle is manufactured to the customer 39 s track and spring center measurements. Trailer Repairs amp Upgrades Dump Trailers. Robalo 260 CC. Don 39 t laugh at my drawing but I connected a chain on the outside of the leaf springs and put a jack under the axle but on top of the chain. com Trailer axles sitting out of square can cause a trailer to travel at an angle when towed. Leaf Spring Axle. the boat hull will be scraped before buyer picks up trailer. To determine if the GVWR is sufficient for your boat calculate the combined weight of your boat engine fuel water batteries and gear. Custom and pre bent U Bolts from 3 8 quot to 1 1 4 quot rod Trailer suspension parts and running gear bushings shackles hangers brakes and bearings and boat trailer parts. This galvanized V bend boat trailer axle is manufactured by Dexter Axle and has a 3 500lb weight capacity and can be used on single or tandem axle boat trailers. Now that we have that straight I was pulling my boat and hit a curb with the passenger side trailer tire hard. Nice heavy duty trailer with 6 lug rims. 15 straightening our bent boat trailer axle youtube Straightening our bent boat trailer axle is something we 39 ve been putting off since we bought the boat over a year ago. Magic Tilt excels in building aluminum and galvanized steel trailers designed for salt Axles can be built with a small positive camber built into the beam typically 1 4 Positive Camber. According to my manual the boat weighs 1065 NOT including the motor or gear. Discounted Price 140. Product codes listed on MILL ORDER items are for die reference only. Welcome to Champion Trailers Parts Supply Champion Trailer Part and Repair LLC 56705 Garrett Road Slidell LA 70458 1. Torsion style trailer axles handle the drop a little different. 2 000 lbs. Call magic tilt in Florida and find out the mfg. Boat Trailer Axles. it is in good condition. capacity torsion axles. We build custom trailers for all boat trailer needs including old antique restored and wooden boats with unique trailer needs. Over 4 weeks ago on Claz. The wheels on a proper trailer axle have just a little camber to them which greatly enhances tracking. Deep V cross members. Maximum Capacity. I will always recommend B amp B to anyone who has trailer and needs any assistance. I have nothing against Dexter but unless I wanted an axle an inch wider or narrower at the hub face a new axle was 3 weeks out. But phone calls don 39 t cost much. we used an old railroad tie as a. 1709 Hudson St. 7 out of 5 stars 98 304. Slightly kanted rear or forward axle can act much lke a car with a front end align ment problem generating a vibration at selected speeds. Will fit smaller and Boat trailers have to tackle some of the most punishing conditions out there from salt water immersion to mud to year round weather. The Sub categories show separate these fenders by material. The change is not as dramatic but it s in the right direction. I have the front passenger side tire on my dual axle trailer that is wearing tread on the outside edge of the tire. Trailer Axles. The previous owner told me that the axle was replaced last year with a brand new 2500 axle. Boatmate is proud to also offer most later model trailers as well so please contact your local dealer for availability. Boat. 2. The problem can also be caused by a bent axle. Trailer Services. Someone has already reinforced it but the bend is always between the hub and the springs anyway. Trailer Axle Wheel Service Enclosed Trailers. 12. I looked for them on line and found I couldn t buy one without going through a dealer. Hanna Trailer Supply now carries a full line of Shorelander boat trailer parts and accessories. The tapered spindle design on the 3500lb axle Trailer axle capacity is based on the lowest capacity of the trailer 39 s components. Boat Trailer Components Structural Channel Aluminum Association 6061 T6 Stock Code Size in Inches Appr. BTW the Durwash system to fresh water rinse the running gear is gold. So I found a tandem axle trailer for a 2008 Ranger boat trailer. Alignment usually show with wear on the inside of one and the outside of the other. 46574GS. Bunk Mounting Hardware . Mfg by Float On Corp. When you bring your trailer to Iron Bear Trailer for service we will thoroughly inspect your axles including the axle tube spindles bearings and brakes. 33 quot GALV SKU 4296. Mounts to BENT Crossbars ONLY. the tires have good tread but trailer has been parked for 2 years. bolt pattern. Address . 5k Dexter Trailer Axle 3500 lb Electric Brake 5 lug. it came from the factory with Dexter axles. Their utility trailers are solidly built with a galvanized and welded tubular frame axle and integrated side rails plus every model includes a 5 39 ramp and 2 quot x 6 quot or 2 quot x 8 quot pressure treated plank deck standard to load and support the cargo. This is so I can maintain good tire wear. Swivel Jack 8 Wheel 18ft amp Up Dupont Excel Pro Urethane Paint Coating Black. That s how they align trailer tires. Bid History for 2010 EZ Loader Boat Trailer Axles and Frame Bent Auction Start Date 08 10 18 3 15 AM ET Auction End Date 08 21 18 6 03 PM ET Asset ID 21318 Number of Bids 75. slipper or eye to eye amp amp connections 4 suds PCD 100 4 studs PCD 10 1. To guarantee superior performance this axle has been hot dipped galvanized for optimal corrosion resistance and superior protection from saltwater. 99 Trailer Axles amp Parts. The weight of the huge outboard boat motor was still towards the rear of the trailer arrangement. The axles on a trailer are designed to hold up a specific amount of weight depending on the amount of load for which the trailer is rated. 7 out of 5 stars. 1. This is causing the boat to bounce or quot porpoise quot on the trailer as the bow tends to raise up. Petersburg 2010 Magic Tilt tandem torsion axle aluminum boat trailer with disc brakes on all 4 wheels. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy amp Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators In addition Each type of boat trailer axle is available in many lengths and capacities. 45 lbs. Trailer axles are galvanized or raw steel. If the wheels quot wobble quot in a vertical plane the axle is cambered and needs to be mounted in its original orientation. By removing the wheel and situating the jack at end of the trailing arm furthest from the spline on the axle then jack it up. Available with a cast or pressed steel coupling Knott Avonride suspension units and all fixings. Now next question who makes the rims for the NX882 trailer my rims are the chrome blade kind I think they are made by US Wheel but have no website to look at www. Uniforms This happened to me once with a c channel framed single axle boat trailer. CUSTOM BUILT SQUARE BEAM AXLES. D. 19. Built from high grade plastic these skids provides complete support to your water vehicle. These are 3 500lb capacity V Bend Boat Trailer Axles. Re Can I flip the axle on this boat trailer to lower it a bit When you get the axle off with the tires mounted and on the ground turn the axle in the bearings. This galvanized boat trailer axle is manufactured by Dexter Axle and has a 3500 lb. 146. Axles and Axle Hardware. I think that it cost him 60 to get the spindles re aligned. Just like the straight axles these axles feature 2 quot x 2 quot square hot dipped galvanized tubing. 4 23 2020 A slight positive camber on torsion axles isn 39 t abnormal and like with a standard axle is by design. Axles are shipped without spring seat holes. BJ. Feb 5 2011. The trailer axles are bent when the are new. OEM Grade Axle Integrated System. 95. Best Seller. Galvanized Boat Trailer Axle 95 quot OAL 90 quot HF 2 quot X 2 quot 3 500 lb SQUARE. How to Choose Replacement Trailer Axle Hubs and Leaf Springs for 2006 Magic Tilt Boat Trailer Looking for a 3500 Pound Trailer Axle with or without Hubs Adapting a 89 Inch 3 500lbs Trailer Axle 35545I ST 89 for Overhung Application Galvanized axles in square torsion and drop centers most include spindle nuts washers and cotter pins some include hubs and bearings. A boat trailer can get out of alignment when an accident occurs or from hard bouncing when the trailer navigates down extremely rough roads resulting in the axle being bent out of shape. We have a large inventory of leaf springs for your Truck car or trailer. Only an experienced mechanic will be able to determine Trailer Axles Kits. We put these two together because they are integrated systems on the trailer and is easy to check the both at the same time. AXLE TYPES. E. No title not required in KY can give you a bill of sale. With over 800 jigs available in our library Boatmate is sure to have the year make and model of trailer you need Boat Trailer Alignment Truck alignment frame straightening and frame repair in Sioux Falls South Dakota. We offer the Shoreland r wheel bearing protector that provides permanent bearing lubrication and protection by keeping water and dirt out of the hub thus prolonging the life of your hubs. Knock out seal inner and outer bearing cups with a suitable hammer and punch. CROSSBAR WLDMT BNT 3x3x. Our 1500kg braked trailer running gear kits are available to purchase with 10 12 13 and 14 trailer wheels and tyres. 99. We called B amp B and they went out of their way to come open the shop and help us out. For the average boater considering the number of miles driven trailer tires can should have a long life if not underinflated or damaged. As the weld cools the metal shrinks and thus the axle deflects. Building your own custom trailer is easier than you think with these trailer axles and kits. The other tire looks like new how can one tire wear on a straight axle don t ever recall hitting anything that would have sprung or bent the spindle. HARD TO FIND TRAILER PARTS JUST CALL US. Champion Trailers. To determine if the axle is failing do a jack test. I ordered new radials today and after hearing some comments on axle bending got under the trailer and looked. The results are boat trailers designed for maximum highway safety easy loading unloading for years to come and showroom appearance. 80. Call Dakota Alignment 605 338 9450. Adjustable Trailers EZ Loader Boat Trailers Inc. Galvanized 6000 2x3 Straight Trailer Axle Axle Sits Over Springs Hub Face under 90 quot . The idler axle has a 2 000 lb. 1. Was 6000 Galvanized Spindle Lube 2x3 straight boat trailer axle mounts over the leaf springs. 305 638 9222. Kenner LA 70062. Remove the outer bearing from the hub. spring seat spacing. However if you happen to be using the newer torsion arm suspension type trailers as compared to the older axle spring type AND are having excessive wear similar to Trailer axle capacity is based on the lowest capacity of the trailer 39 s components. See reviews photos directions phone numbers and more for the best Boat Trailers in Madisonville LA. 504 708 4612. Boat trailers are available with single or multiple axles. The local dealer said that if they ordered from the trailer mfg I d be looking at 400 500 in parts shipping labor to replace. MAXXHAUL 70225 Trailer Dolly with 12 quot Pneumatic Tires 600 Lb. We winched the boat and trailer onto the other trailer trying to center the boat axle over the car trailer axles. 3 500 lbs. Add to cart. The axle does have a bow in the downward position I 39 m assuming it 39 s bent. Shop Trailer Axles Today. Dexter Axle galvanized boat trailer axles are Hot Dipped Galvanized for optimal corrosion resistance and superior protection from salt water. Spindle Size 84. Single Axle Trailer Fenders. I had the same thing happen to me. Overall Length 94 1 2 quot Hub Face 89 quot Mounting Bracket Center 72 1 4 quot Torsion Arm 22. What caused the bent traile axle was when pulled out of a landing the trailer slide off the the tire ramps and the middle part got caught on a stump or other rumble. Even a pre owned boat that came with a nice dual axle trailer may not be suitable for the boat. You will need to do your homework but there is no shortage of places to find a good boat trailer. I ve been told that bent axles usually is indicated by both tires wearing on the inside axle bent down or the outside axle bent up . For the price of an axle put a new one in. Remember to use quality boat trailer parts to reduce the risk of damage broken parts and need for replacements on your trailer. 5 in. Stainless steel bearing protectors w spindle seal. I jackknifed the trailer but the spare tire was pressed against the rear bumper of the tru CUSTOM BUILT TORSION AXLES. If you do have a bent axle I concur with the person who suggested that the axle be replaced with a heavier axle. 2004 2010 years mainly affected. New tires new brake actuator new trailer jack new bearing buddies and the lights work Needs brakes or you can tow it like I did without brakes. Brand Haoaxle. It 39 s a trailer for a 2000 21 SS Extreme. If just the spindle is bent that too would cause the brake to drag on that one wheel as the rotor and caliper would not line up together correctly. 188x73. Galvanized fasteners. Loading bid history Boat Trailer Tires Wearing Excessively. Tallydon regarding your tire problem your wheels are out of alignment. That huge weight bent the spindles on the axle. 8001 Airline Dr. The complete assembly is ready to be bolted on to existing tor Bent boat trailer fenders are common as hauling a boat around can be difficult. 99 304 . Carpeted bunks. As new to me owners should be aware of this important safety issue. Even our bunk supports are made of tube steel. 700 miles from home . Either way swapping an axle isn 39 t a difficult process but it does involve considerable time and lifting heavy objects. Shop for square tube trailer axles round tube trailer axles galvanized trailer axles powder coated steel trailer axles and torsion axles. Magic Tilt has been building quality boat trailers since 1953. A Frame Tongue Boat Trailer Hub Kits How Tos. buyer is to pickup trailer. This kit is for axles with a 1 3 8 to 1 1 16 quot tapered spindle and includes 2 bearings 2 bearing races grease seal cotter pin and dust cap. 2. We had to take the axle off amp take it to a semi truck repair weld shop rt18 over by Lordstown. Was 3500 Galvanized Spindle Lube 2x2 straight boat trailer axle that sits over the springs This custom galvanized boat trailer axle is manufactured to the customer 39 s track and spring center measurements. 7 out of 5 stars 98 73 quot Hubface 58 quot Spring Center 5 39 0Frame TK Axles 3. 5k 3500 Lb Capacity Trailer Idler Straight Axle 5 on 4. SS spindle seal. Whether you have a leaf spring axle or torsion axle this Brake Hose kit will outfit your trailers disc or drum brake system. Posi lube spindles. ROLLERS TWO ON 20 39 39 BENT ARM. This includes but is not limited to frame axle spindles hubs bearings wheels tires springs and all hardware. PTD23. It had not bent or deflected at all. To check camber quick put a level up against the tire and them center your bubble. Ultra Tow Torsion Bracket Utility Flat Mount Pair Galv Tde 86716. 188 quot x65. Single Axle Trailers Rocket Trailers. You might want to swap out an axle to gain extra load carrying capacity or because your previous axle broke. New 2021 Triple Axle Aluminum Boat Trailer 12 625 . Report. Tire pressure is around 45 lbs. A few years later I noticed I needed to replace the tires on the trailer. First use a trailer axle an axle made for a trailer. Last week bought a axle from Nandoo Trailers in Hamilton 225. Improproperly made axle at the factory. 504 451 5707. Vendor Adjustable Parts. Most boat and RV trailers have an quot Arched quot axle to provide camber to the axle. New tires amp around 3 thousand miles later the same thing is starting to happen but not as drastic. Fits Hoosier Bx Pontoon Trailers. You may also need the trailer VIN . My 1999 PT185 trailer tires were very quot wavy quot amp worn on the 2 inside treads on both tires. al. Dexter Trailer Axles. DIAMOND CITY BOAT TRAILERS. b. I had a 95 model same boat and the axles on those trailers are too light duty 1500lb . If you re repairing a damaged trailer these axles will get you back on the road in no time. Called around no one had the right width axle in a 100 mile radius. 2k Dexter Trailer Axle 5000 5200 lb Electric Brake 6 lug. 65. The axle is slung over the springs in order to reduce the ride height of the trailer. Axles bearings don 39 t like being out of whack at all and it WILL fail and cause you problems. I am suspicious that the 3 500 pound rated axle may be high carbon steel and need to know if I should heat it or not. Capacity 5848T. 646 Sep 7 2018 Explore Giving love back 39 s board quot Trailer axles quot on Pinterest. Diamond City boat trailer will fit boats from 12 20 39 long and 58 60 quot wide flat bottom or shallow V boat single 3500lb axle. Ranger Boat Trailer Step Treadplate 9600485 35 X 6 12 Inch Aluminum. Aluminum frame triple axle bunk style electric over hydraulic disc brakes. Shop all your favorite boat types and makes from one place. Trailer Parts Superstore offers trailer axles for Boat Utility Cargo Horse amp Most Other Recreational or Commercial Trailers. 422. navyphoto. 81. The Steel diamond plate and Cold Rolled fenders would be welded trailer. Get a Trailer Quote. 97 This galvanized boat trailer axle is manufactured by Dexter Axle and has a 3500 lb. Period. You want to start by determining the capacity of axle you wish to purchase. Made of either 2 quot x 2 quot or 2 quot x 3 quot square tubing we can virtually build any axle you require. 4. Best with When the inside rib wears faster than the rest of the trailer tire this usually indicates a bent axle due to overloading. Boat trailer fenders that are bent become useless. Pressure Treated Bunks. Diamond city 20 39 airboat AL 15 quot galvanized tire and rims 5200lb torsion axle. By OutdoorMishaps April 16 If you shorten the tongue any at all move the axle fore or aft any at all Bent axles are usually caused by road hazards. Lined up with center bolt on springs and put new ubolts on done. The biggest issue was with the single axle trailers for the 188 s and the 519 s but also with the tandem trailers. 1 bad axle but 1 good axle rated around 2 750 lbs estimated . 494. Info Add To Cart. Broken Suspension Bent Axle Leaf Sprung trailer If you can eliminate all other issues that was discussed previously you can begin to check the trailer leaf springs or trailer axle . I never hit anything with this axle either. Hitch Install Fifth Wheel. TRAILER HITCHES. 5 quot Galvanized. Measures 24 long x 103 at its widest. I know I didn 39 t s o when I got the trailer home I put a straight edge on the axle and I checked the same on the front axle and they both come out bent Boat Trailer Coupler. Tandem Axle Trailer 4 Bunks. CROSSBAR BENT 3x3x. This trailer axle spindle assembly is 1 inch and has a capacity of 1 250 lbs. Aluminum I beam. The number and thickness of the leaves determine the amount of weight the spring can carry. Boat trailers for sale will have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. FULL SERVICE FOR BOAT UTILITY AND OTHER TYPES OF TRAILERS. com. Many things can cause uneven tire wear including a bent axle an overloaded trailer and worn or broken suspension components. As with any vehicle trailers need maintenance. Dealer also said bent axle and replaced it under warranty in 2001. For heavier trailers the leaf springs provide a reasonable ride when the trailer is full. For Tire Sizes 13 inch to 15 inch. Don 39 t discount the idea of a bent axle. This is the quot bulging quot side of the bend. Spring Axle. Trailer axle s match the load capacity. 3750 lb. 6 500 Trailer Boat Trailer 32 38 feet. They were both 900 1000 to replace. Diamond Plate Step pads. I took the boat and trailer twin axle in and they put it on their frame rack and using chains and hydraulics bent the ends of the axles into alignment. I 39 ve never rotated the tires. If you are using your boat regularly then you need a good boat trailer. EZ Loader shall repair or replace without charge any parts On 9 11 2012 at 7 59 AM Pops said Also one tire out of 4 wearing on one edge badly like that would indicate a possible bent axle spindle. Again just my opinion. Marine Grade Carpet. Brake Control Wiring amp Installation. It measures 4 1 4 inches on the hub side and 1 1 4 inches on the welded end. They consist of a stack of curved springs leaves and are attached to the underside of a trailer axle. Jack the trailer up so the wheels are not touching the ground. However these has the industry standard bend towards the center. However the two axles are level with each other so I imagine all is well. Jerry Idaho lhg Keystone had me take it to another shop a nd they told K eystone the axle was bent 2 f eet in from that wheel. Also many trailer builders do not use Dexter hangers and we have no idea how strong these hangers may or may not be. But last night I pulled the rims off to take them in and put new tires on them and decided to put a straight edge on my axle to look for sagging and of course I look to have approx. Weight 0. No brake flange attached. My axle was strong enough it was made from 45 0r 50 mm solid square steel. Heat shrink wire connectors amp fully Grounded wiring. Before buying replacement hubs for your trailer take some time to ensure you are getting the correct size. Vault Hybrid Axle Maintenance Free 5 Year Warranty. Hitch Install Gooseneck. Both were custom made for each manufacturer. Disc Brakes when standard or optional 2 x 6 Bunks on all trailers except for 16 Waterproof Lighting Marine Grade Carpet. Boat Trailer Parts. Have torsion axles on my current trailer and had leaf springs on the previous one. it is wired to be able to transport with brake lights only. 75 BENT CROSSBAR. Most trailer axles are designed with a bend in the tube that will deflect when the load weight of the trailer is applied. hub face and 58. bent Boat Trailer Coupler. Fits EZ Loader single axle trailers from 1525 capacity through 3100 capacity. Trailer came from Majic Tilt for the 240. Leaf Spring Axles are the most commonly used suspension systems in the trailer industry and come standard on almost every type of trailer. Two rollers mounted on a bent 20 quot aluminum arm. The most integral parts of your boat trailers running gear would be the boat trailer axle and the trailer hubs. We also offer rubber torsion axles and replacement parts for Dexter trailer axles and Trailer Buddy torsion axles. I did have to reverse the receiver to the high position to make that happen. Overall weight will be close to 13 500 to 14 k with engines fuel water coolers ect 10 8 quot Beam. First set of tires lasted 5 years and I towed it a lot. Trailer Axles out of Alignment Shifted axles on a trailer is common on boat trailers because the axles are frequently attached to the frame using U Bolts that can shift during assembly maintenance or just during everyday use. SHORELAND 39 R Factory Replacement Trailer Axles. 5 Bolt Pattern Assembled Idler Axle 73 quot Hubface 58 Spring Center 5 39 0Frame 4. Two Year Warranty. Trailer Parts Depot Stocks Variety Of Kodiak Disc Brake 10 quot Stainless each 1 rcm 10 ss k Kodiak Disc Brake Assemblies Kodiak Trailer Components for Utility Motorcycle And Snowmobile Trailers. This is referred to as a Cambered Axle . One bearing failure EL Loader and a bent axle ranger . I measured the axle to the end of the trailer frame and I 39 m off a 1 4 inch. 1997 Triton Bass boat Trailer SIngle axle 1997 Trtion 21 39 Trailer Maroon in color single axle with alloy wheels tubular trailer with drum brakes. Problem is it is waaay out of alignment and is wearing the tire down quickly and pulling not to mention it 39 s not safe. Straightening our bent boat trailer axle is something we 39 ve been putting off since we bought the boat over a year ago. Lastly checking if your axle is bent you will need to take the wheels off and make sure the axle is level and sitting on level ground. They are made up of a series of curved stacked springs leaves that are attached under or over the trailer s axle. A trailer to haul your show bike is a good example. Precision engineering and quality testing ensure that our OEM replacement galvanized and painted axles willl fit right look right and perform right year after year. Tongue Jack. Then send me a private message with your number. Torsion Axle 38 quot Hf 22. Mon Fri 8 30 5 00. This will give us the information needed to provide you with the proper axle for your trailer. Whether you 39 ve got a 12 fishing boat or a whopping 35 39 cruiser weighing up to 15 000 pounds from simple to luxury custom ShoreLand r has you covered All you want to do is get in and get out and look like a pro doing it. I have been going here for parts and service for years on all my trailers. Regular price. They weld the round stub axles directly onto one side of the axle. Robalo on a Magic Tilt tandem axle trailer. Fernandina Beach FL. Due to Magic Tilt production changes Axles with pre installed hubs may be shipped with hubs featuring 1 of 3 finishes Galvanized Painted or Zinc. 5k 3500 Lb Capacity Straight Trailer Idler Axle 5 on 4. Bent at a 45 degree angle to follow the natural curve of trailers these skids make launching and retrieving a quick and easy job. square tube axle with 40Cr stub axle ball steel hub casted accurate machining spring . The driver side has a difference of 1 8 quot over the Home Dexter Axle Co. The section behind the axle has bent downward from inability to handle the weight of full fuel tank and 2 motors I guess. 5 Bolt Pattern Add Springs 73 quot Hubface 58 Spring Center 5 39 0Frame 4. Bent and inoperable this does not reflect poorly on the quality of the trailer. I had a feeling it was a bent axle but I don t know enough about axles to know if that was probable or not. Mar 30 2004. Dual axle trailers also can be equipped with brakes on both axles which great decreases stopping distance and enhances safety. 64. if the axle is not correctly tempered the load rating of the axle can be much less than specified on the axle. Most trailer alignment problems are caused by a damaged or worn leaf spring assembly a bent wheel rim or low tire pressure. Disc brakes on both axles road armour paint swing away tongue fold up tongue jack winch with adjustable stand spare tire carrier aluminum step pads wind guides 14 tires with aluminum wheels vault hubs dexter axles LED lights. I want to strip the hub off heat it and bend it straight. 188x69. With a grinder that has a thin metal cutting blade cut into the bulge going halfway around the axle. Went through 2 set of tires before he would actually listen to me. I had an 18. Boat Trailer in Madisonville on YP. With over 800 jigs available in our library Boatmate is sure to have the year make and model of trailer you need Manufacturer part number 300 021572 10. I came to this conclusion by mounting a 2ft straight edge to the hub face and measuring the distance from the hub face to the trailer frame. My question is can they be bent back Then maybe weld some support in I have had a bent axle before and found wear on the inside of the tire. i have one new spare on the rim that goes with trailer. TRAILER AXLE HUBS BEARINGS AND SEALS. Great for Boat Trailers. Kramer Spring is a good resource is the metro area. Choose Dexter for trouble free I got a new trailer 3 years ago. Visit us today to start shopping TA96BT 20 23 5200 Net Capacity Torsion Axle makes this medium duty hauler an excellent trailer for any Fresh or Saltwater occasion. And it appears the tongue was bent. Dexter Service amp Warranty. Flange Size 4 bolt 10 quot Brakes. Can 39 t move the bunks in or they will not be under the stringers. boat trailer image by wiladayvo from Fotolia. 23 foot Heavy Duty Tandem Axle 14 Tires Brakes 1 axle 4 Frame. 9943. 5 4. RANGER Trailer Replacement Torsion Axle 89 quot H. EZ Loader manufactures custom and adjustable boat trailers offering galvanized powder coated aluminum wet painted amp Tuff Coated Polyurea coatings I had the problem shore lander trailer obsolete bent the axel when I hit a groundhog on 90 94 west bound bent the axel couldn 39 t find one tried every where finally friend of mine clamped it down to a welding table and took a d 9 cat and straightened it out a pretty good job and cost me a case of old style beer good luck in finding a new axel or your repaired Regular Spring Axle Worksheet. If no wobble you can reverse it. One Pieces Overalls amp Jum Clothing Sets. 5t. 17. A trailer axle should be slightly arched with the high spot in the center of the trailer and the spindles on either end being slightly lower. Visit Load Rite 39 s online store for a selection of frame components for your boat trailer. You have an axle over set up now and if you were able to flip it the quot bend quot in the axle would be going the quot correct quot way your hubs would not be rubbing the bunk boards and the axle would not be ramming the boat. 14. These come from many causes. Tandem axle Roadrunner boat trailer for 220LS Crownline. Boat Trailer Axle kits include several different individual trailer parts. Cross Members Straight amp Bent Items marked as MILL ORDER are non stock but available. The new tire was still going strong when I sold it. This category contains all the needed components for you to put together your ideal trailer axle kit to get your boat back in the water. The bend in the axle is built into it to compensate for the weight but the axle is simply just not strong enough to be dependable. Diamond deck plate load bearing fenders. You will never get that spindle true again. Whether your axle needs servicing changing repairing I used to have my single axle trailer aligned every 2 years. Just replaced the tires and after about 800 miles the outside edge of tread is already worn smooth. In general we don t recommend torsion axles for trailers over 3000 GTW. in Vero Beach FL. I have a Lund ProV 1775 riding on a flimsy Custom Haul trailer which I just noticed yesterday is bent. Contact us about adjustable boat trailers with custom risers to move up and down Full Tube Construction. 2 extra working rims with superfical scratches and dents. TomC. Compare. If the trailing arm continues upward without lifting the trailer the axle has failed. Southwest Wheel carries a complete line of trailer axles from 425 lbs. Trailer Axle Wheel Service Boat Trailers. some mostly all utility type trailers do NOT have an arch for cam TinBoats. MPN 2108 A. Load bearing aluminum fenders. I then dismantled the trailer to be sent for galvanizing. Here is a full write up. 504 469 6372. This bend is ideal for deeper V boat hulls to prevent contact while unloading and loading the boat at the ramp. We have a huge selection of Trailer fenders for all kinds of Boat Trailers PWC Trailers Utility or Cargo Trailers. The photo shows the passenger side tire looking toward the back of the boat so the quot outside quot of the tire is on the left. Lay a hardwood block on the cut and use a heavy shop hammer to drive the cut closed. When the trailer is loaded the arch will flatten placing the trailer tire Description. Load Rite. AND AT REASONABLE RATES P amp G Enterprises. Custom built trailer axles at Pacific Boat Trailers 888 479 6920. Bent Marine. Trailer springs are leaf springs. V bend Boat Trailer Torsion Axle. 75 quot BENT CROSSBAR quantity. 8. Please note due to the variety of frame dimensions on trailers Bunks and Rollers . 439 posts. 6 5 studs PCD114. Boat Trader offers you the best selection of Parts and Trailers for sale available in your area. You may be experiencing some wear in the suspension components that can cause tire wear and also be a symptom or cause the axle to be misaligned. Text Boat Trailer in Madisonville on YP. Pearson 39 s Trailer Parts amp Repairs Inc. uswheel. If the trailer starts to raise the axle is good. Directions More Info. This is built in at the factory but you can specify the desired angle when buying a torsion axle. Rollers Assemblies amp Parts . One of the entire wheel and hub . Ep. The only way to correct the problem is to bend it back into its original position. This is commonly called over slung or under slung. have clear title. Most hubs in use today on marine and recreation trailers fall into one of four capacity sizes 1250 pounds one inch straight spindles four and five lug or holes 1350 pounds one and one sixteenth inch straight spindles four and five lug or holes 1750 BigDog is a tough name for a trailer and how this unit is constructed backs up the name. My dad was running into a very similar problem on his boat trailer. Submersible L. Did the tire store flunky jack the trailer by the axle Memory though dulled by age suggests that he might have. If you want to increase the load capacity on your trailer you 39 ll want to swap out the axles as well so that they don 39 t fail under the new heavier load. Every Lippert travel trailer fifth wheel equestrian trailer and utility trailer axles boasts an impressive list of standard features including robotic welds waterproof connectors on wiring and black powder coating. 534. It tracks down the highway at 60 just fine. The axle was bent so I replaced the axle with a 3500 GVWR one and replaced the flatten 3 leaf springs with 4 leaf 4500 GVWR ones. The Axle S N was the most needed information and on my 2007 Prestige trailer it was a welded plaque near the center of the axel. Bunks and Rollers . frame is bent near spare tire holder but pulls true from what i see. For example if the axle spindle is bent this will usually cause a negative camber on that side which will cause excess tread wear on the inside of that tire. One of the tires was shot when I bought it and alignments cured it. There are really good dependable and cheap boat trailers available. 800. Ideal for medium duty use. Most boaters will not wear out the tread on trailer tires but if you notice a tire is wearing unevenly it could be an indication of a bent axle or an axle that s out of alignment. Fill this form out and Fax or submit it via Email. Typically the Aluminum Diamond Plate Galvanized and Plastic Fenders will be bolted onto your trailers fender mounting brackets. Please select from the categories below to find the right axle for your trailer. Wear on both edges suggests an under inflated tire. I used to do all my repairs myself but their prices are so good I just . Located just outside of New Orleans in Metairie LA Bent Marine is conveniently located in the heart . 5 71 See price at checkout Was Save Free In For light duty trailers that need a soft ride a torsion axle is a good choice. Share. At our Silver Springs FL home. The best axle to use is a matter of opinion. Replacement aftermarket trailer torsion axle designed specifically for use with Ranger boat trailers. With more than 65 locations nationwide Big Tex Trailer World is conveniently located near you. 169. 00 . Don t weld on the stress faces of a beam and 2. High Performance Trailer Components. If it s not bad I d take it to a trailer shop and have it aligned. 5 Down. Champion Trailers stocks a large variety of boat and utility trailer axles available to fit your boat trailer enclosed trailer utility trailer or RV trailer. If the rearward axle wears when the front does not your trailer may have a nose high attitude when towed. SKU RT2500 108 Ultra Tow Adjustable V Bend Torsion Galv Axle 3750 85 quot Hub Face 86808. Overview. 25 Ft. A beauty. quot Bent axles quot are NOT supposed to be that way. If you have had the trailer for a number of years with no issue but now are finding excessive tire wear you likely have a bent axle. 006 Boat trailers allow you to tow launch and travel with your watercraft. SKU First of all yes I am a moron. The part should be here in a week or two. 00. MULTI AXLE TRAILER AXLE ALIGNMENT CHECK In the case of a multi axle trailer you are looking for all of the bulges of the tires to make contact with the straightedge or to be very close say within 1 8 . What is a Leaf Spring Axle A leaf spring axle is the most common and well known axle. They no longer have the stability needed to protect the frame of the trailer. It blew the tire and bent the axle but not so much you cant drive it. Our trailer parts department carries a variety of trailer suspension parts to get you fixed up and working again. Dexter offers the most comprehensive line of axles actuators and disc brakes engineered specifically for the marine market. It has 7ooo lb 8 lug axles. REPAIR BENT AND BROKEN TRAILER AXLES. Valcrum caps are now available preinstalled on Dexter 7 000 lbs. Come see why 411Marine has one the largest growing following of any small boating oriented business models in the southeast. TRAILER AXLE BRAKES AND BRAKE PARTS. Whether you have a single axle or tandem axle trailer we got your tires covered. A slight deviation will cause a noticeable effect in the trailer 39 s handling. 5 ft boat and it was almost too much boat for that trailer. Add another 15 20 as a safety buffer. Aug 27 2012. needs electric connection for trailer brakes but they are good. I looked at the trailer and the sticker about the Gross weight for the tailer was 2500 pounds which to me seemed to low for the boat and motor. Sunrise ribbed boat trailer skids are a perfect addition to your set up. It is normal for trailers to have a slight run out of wheel camber which in most cases is not noticeable by eye but if the trailer is overloaded Whether your boat trailer is single or dual tandem axle Soo Alinement will check it out and address your alignment needs in our state of the art shop. 229. Product origin Zhenjiang. Tandem Axle Deep V Trailer w brakes GVWR 4700 lbs max. Washer spindle nut and cotter pin included. Double check distance between front and rear axle on both sides of the rig insure axles are parallel to each other and are perpendicular to trailer frame rails. to 25 000 lbs. 22 foot Heavy Duty Tandem Axle 14 Tires Brakes 1 axle 4 Frame. PDT22. They feel like a softer ride and handle better. 4 quot Drop Dexter Trailer Axles. Fits small fishing amp jon boats Single Axle 1500 Drift Boat Trailer 0. SKU 86716. Dexter Axle is a leader in axle manufacturing and features AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS. Will a 1 4 inch cause that kind of tire wear or is Big Tex Trailer World is your go to axle repair and replacement shop Our expert technicians can take care of repairing or replacing any axle problem be it with the spindle hub or leaf spring. Sale 6. 2 quot x 2 quot Square Galvanized Trailer Axle features a stainless steel wear sleeve and super lube grease zerks. Adjustable Parts . Use as an alternate or in addition to boat rollers. You will then take a measurement from the ground to the end of the spindle. 11 550 sea gt Spanaway pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 1500kg single axle running gear kits complete with 13 quot wheels. Because of the tongue length we were only able to get the single axle of the boat trailer over the rear axle of the car trailer. i. load capacity 3600 lbs. 99 Each V bend style 3 500 lb galvanized axle in this category features the standard spindle which measures 1 3 8 quot x 1 1 16 quot . Single Axle Aluminum Smooth Trailer Fender 10. Works a treat lots of stainless steel parts boat drives on easily and looks great too. 1450 cash. Be sure that you have drilled holes in the closed RHS sections the winch post winch stalk and axle before the trailer parts go for galvanizing. I was maneuvering out of a tight spot on a turnout boat was still in the water. 666 The tires on my boat trailer seem to be wearing quot funny quot the boat is just over a year old and I 39 ve got somewhere around 3000 miles on the trailer tires. Where did it come from Road damage possibly hit a pothole a big rock what have you. 2x6 bunks with good carpet not adjustable. 15 000 lbs. OOTB Item Sku 101147. PVC covered Galvanized tubing upright guides. and model of the axle. Wt Lin ft 4 28 12 6 38 PM. Capacity Aluminum Trailer With Brakes amp Winch Tel 904 534 XXXX. Pacific Trailers builds custom trailer axles for your boat or utility trailer. Axles Tandem axle designs are best for loads under 3500 pounds above 3500 a tandem axle design is best. Heavy duty winch stand amp strap with bow eye safety chain cable. add a stress buffer to spread concentrations. When examining the axle from under the front or rear of the trailer the axle tube should appear symmetrical with both sides of the tube sloping slightly upward toward the middle of the axle tube. Axle Beam Acts as part of your trailer Suspension for hauling loads. 70 axle and hus ass amp apos y including axle hubs fully greased bearings cutter in seal washer dustcap spring 50x7mm 45x6 dacromet springs are also available for boat trailer use Single Axle Trailer 2 Bunks. Bent one 3500lb trailer axle on my car hauler towing up a gnarly road to my uncle 39 s mountain property. Remove the wheel dust cap split pin axle nut washer amp hub. Had the same problem and wore out two sets of tires on the inside tread. As weight is applied they r Galvanized 3500 2 x 2 Straight Trailer Axle Axle Sits Over Springs Hub Face under 90 quot . Typically the 2 x 2 Galvanized Axles are used with Boat Trailers spending most of their useful life in Saltwater environments while the Painted Steel 2 3 8 quot Round Axles would be used in mostly Freshwater Environments. The frame forward of the axles was all bent due to a wreck. Performance 8 000 lbs. Uses 1 3 8 quot 68149 x 1 1 16 quot 44649 Bearings. Genuine ShoreLand 39 r Replacement Axles are specifically designed to offer the same fit and finish as the original. My boat is an 39 06 482 with the standard Nitro trailer. UFP Trailer Buddy Replacement 3 750 lb. Boat Trailers Boat Covers Tops amp Upholstery Boat Maintenance amp Repair. In your driveway in your yard or in your motel parking lot One that provides Quality Reliable Fast Friendly Customer Service in a Professional Manner. If there are larger gaps between the bulges amp the straightedge it indicates a bent axle a bent spindle or a bent wheel. warrants each new Adjustable Boat Trailer to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three 3 yearsfrom the date of manufacture or two 2 years from the date of first retail sale whichever occurs first quot . Pre Greased Trailer Hub Galvanized 5 Lug for 3500lb Trailer Axle 1 3 8 quot x 1 1 16 quot . 1002 Duncan St. There are lots of instances of bent trailer axles. As much surface rust as you see imagine what the inside of that tube axle looks like. Senior Member. sounds like you may have a heavier boat. These Galvanized Axles come in a variety of lengths in both 2 200 lb and 3 500 lb Capacities. Was 3500 Galvanized Spindle Lube 2x2 drop boat trailer axle that sits over the springs This custom galvanized boat trailer axle is manufactured to the customer 39 s track and spring center measurements. Supply the lumber or other materials for the deck and you re ready to build a trailer at a fraction of the cost of buying one premade. Surge brakes really good tires and new matching spare. Broken Trailer Axle on this Ranger 520 bass boat. 2890 NW 35th Street Miami FL 33142. . 5. I have a tandem trailer and took me 30 mins to replace old one. Bent hangers leaf springs or axle tubes can cause bad axle alignment with bad tire wear resulting. Re curving overloaded trailer axle. Usually this is not a problem because the capacity of the trailer is a function of the capacity of the axle s . Hot Dipped Galvanized Hub 5 on 4 1 2 Lug Pattern. Thanks for the input. Other standard features include an A frame tongue with a footed tongue jack and galvanized skirted That being said I have had my fair share of boat trailer problems and it 39 s not worth the headache in my opinion to try and straighten a bent spindle. I ve got to replace the axle and both hubs on the Sureride trailer for my little all electric boat. 7. Trailer axles capacities range from 1 200 lbs to 7 000 lbs and are available in leaf spring or torsion suspension. The idler axle fits 5 lug wheels with 4. They thought the spindles were bent from hitting pot holes etc. Galvanized 3500 2x2 Drop Axle Axle Sits Over Springs Hub Face under 90 quot . I went to the river and they were not generating water which allowed the water level to be ev Timbren Axle Less Trailer Suspension System w Electric Brake Hubs 4 quot Drop Spindle 3 500 lbs. Fit perfectly. For a third tip use longer leaf springs . an 1 8 to 1 4 sag. Chances are the axle is under rated for the trailer. Was used for a 2005 Scout 260 center console with twin Yamaha four strokes. This 1 inch trailer axle spindle assembly is 8 1 4 inches long and has a 1 inch diameter at the machined end. Now supported by our industry leading limited axle warranty. After they had performed their magic the trailer pulled like it was on rails and still does to this day. Fabricate your own axle select capacities from one of our offered quot Build Your Own quot axle kits. TRAILER LIGHTS. You might check the local sporting goods stores for a new trailer either 12 or 14 foot jon boat. They also have to provide exacting hull support on the road and easy loading and unloading at the water s edge. The last thing is to weld tieons of bent 8mm rod to the front and back of the frame. 5k 3500 Lb Capacity Trailer Straight Idler Axle 5 on 4. How bad is it Some trailer axles are meant to be bent. Very HappyMy son was stranded at the Reggio Marina southeast of New Orleans with bad boat trailer axle bearings. Your Full Name or Company Name . Very hard. Delivery time Depends on quantity. To Receive a quote on your axle needs we have provided this Axle Worksheet for your convenience. Tiedown Bent Strap Bunk Mount 20. Custom Trailers. Trailer Jacks Tie Downs Snowmobile Trailer Axles 8 quot Long X 2 quot Wide X Approx 1 quot Long Bent Portion. Upvote 0 Downvote. SKU 1261. e. 600. Torsion axles use a rubber insert into the tube to hold the arm and spindle to cushion the load. Rated for 3. The tires were OEM Trail America which I 39 ve learned are essentially worthless. Description. They claimed that I hit something with it. Axles are custom built to customers specifications. 693. Not a mechanic just removed tires ubolts and put axle on. Spring pads are pre welded on the trailer axle for your convenience. Has Smooth Side and 90 Degree Bent side. Spare tire with mount included. 5600. Trailer Bearing Repair Kit For 1 3 8 To 1 1 16 Inch Tapered Spindle. 0. 67. Sold in pairs. This kit uses DOT Flexible Rubber trailer brake hoses for each length needed. This should be fixed before the tire fails. 5 Bolt Pattern Assembled Idler Axle 89 quot Hubface 74 Spring Center 6 39 4Frame 4. Trailer Axle Wheel Service Open Trailers. We used an old railroad tie as a strai This video will demonstrate you a brand new axle that 39 s never been used that was put together wrong so when it 39 s time for you to go get a new axle because m To check the spindles you can take both wheels of and compare the right side to the left and make sure they are at the same angle. Then I jacked the jack up. Deluxe Pontoon Boat Trailers. Mounts easily to the desired position by splines that allow for ride height adjustment. Composite Fender pads. Model . When the outer rib wears faster than than the rest of the tire this usually indicates too much camber in the axle. There are two types of axles common to Boat Trailers Spring axles are those that are used with springs to cushion the load. SKU 86708. Clean with a cloth. Posted May 29 2018. All cambered axles should be mounted with the center bow up. Local tradein. LED Tail Lights. The axles were torsion flex axles one with hydraulic disc brakes and they also have oil bath bearings. I think they position the stub and weld one side heavily. 3500 Galvanized Spindle Lube 2x2 straight quot V quot saddle boat trailer axle that sits under the springs. PRICE 11. We also ship nation wide and internationally. We have replacement axles hubs bearings actuators brake line hoses calipers breakaway cable assemblies spindle sleeves seals and other brake parts to fit your marine trailer. in Trailer Dollies. Regardless of the Brand of Boat Trailer you currently have all that is necessary to get you a replacement axle is to get the correct measurements. Galvanized Boat Trailer Axle 3500 V Bend with Brake Flange 84 HF This galvanized boat trailer axle is manufactured by Dexter Axle and has a 3500 lb. Back of left fender is bent. Suspension Wheels can be linked to the trailer frame by one of two primary suspension methods leaf spring or torsion beam. Wt Lin ft The most obvious is the Gross Axle Weight Rating that defines the load properties of the axle and trailer . bent boat trailer axle